RUBY Premium Turkish Delight 1kg - Choose your flavours!


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RUBY Premium Turkish Delight - 1kg for 3 flavours (or sold individually as 330g) Authentic, imported Turkish Delight made in Turkey from local ingredients. RUBY Turkish Delights are different from the store bought, mass produced Turkish Delights sold in your local Australian Supermarket. RUBY focuses on bringing the best of Turkey’s traditional sweet to Australia - it is quality sourced ingredients, hand-cut and handpicked decadent selection of flavours. Vegan & Gluten free. Choose up to 3 from the following flavours:

1) Mixed Shaved Chocolate flakes coated with Pistachio & Pomegranate.

2) Chocolate chips coated wrap with Pistachio & Chocolate.

3) Pasha Roll with Lemon.

4) Pasha Roll with Rose Water.

5) White Chocolate coated with Pistachio & Pomegranate.

6) Coated Pistachio Powder Delight with Walnut & Fig.

7) Granulated Chocolate Mega Pasha Delight With Pomegranate & Pistachio.

8) Pistachio Coated With Pistachio & Pomegranate.

9) White Granule Chocolate Coated Ribbon Delight with Pomegranate & Pistachio.

10) Rose Leaf Coated Ribbon Delight With Pomegranate And Almond.

11) Special Pistachio Coated Roll with Chocolate drops.

12) DARK Chocolate coated with Pistachio & Pomegranate.

13) Pistachio Coated Roll with Pistachio.


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