LIFE OF CHA - Sleep Tea


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Having trouble with stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep? Our take on the chamomile sleepy tea can certainly help! Get that "chamomile tea sleep effect". 


One of our Life of Cha tea collections, Zzz Sleep tea is a product of natural ingredients enough to give you the best soothing feeling. We understand that stress and anxiety may also lead to a lack of sleep which is why we formulated a healthy tea made from organic herbs to help our customers improve sleep. It's the perfect drink to have after a long, exhausting day. 

There are plenty of chamomile teas out there, but ours is an infusion of organic chamomile, rose petals, spearmint, lavender and lemongrass tea which gives you a feeling of zen. It's healthy and 100% caffeine-free. Every sip will leave you with a warm, calming feeling. 

If you want to fight stress and improve sleep, try drinking Zzz chamomile tea. 

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