LIFE OF CHA - Crystal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

LIFE OF CHA - Crystal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower
LIFE OF CHA - Crystal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

LIFE OF CHA - Crystal Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

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LIFE OF CHA - Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is beautifully blended with Australian-grown lemon myrtle and ginger, making it a refreshing tonic that you can drink hot or iced!

The vibrant blue hue from this blue pea flower comes from anthocyanins (blue pigments similar to blueberries and purple cabbage which are high in antioxidants).

If you add 1 drop of lemon or lime juice into this blue tea it will magically transform into a purple tea! 

Here are some of its notable benefits: 

  • Helps with hair growth and strengthening 

  • Treats eye infections and other eye-related health concerns 

  • Increases blood circulation in the head 

  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-depression properties 

  • Helps in promoting collagen production and maintaining skin elasticity

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