Turkish Bulgur Salad

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 Video credit to Insta: @ticktock_cooking






    1. Put bulgur in a large bowl, pour boiling water, put a lid on then let it sit for at least 15 min (it shouldn’t be soaking, should be soft and al-dente).
    2. Add oil in the pan and cook the onion & tomato paste. Add into the bulgur bowl, mix well.
    3. Cut the veggies then add into bulgur.
    4. Finally add the olive oil, lemon, spices & pomegranate syrup, mix gently (don’t squish the veggies).
    5. Enjoy!


Let us know in the comments if you've tried making this healthy salad recipe!

1 comment

  • Ebru

    I’ve made this for some guests and they loved it. Will definitely make again!! Thanks Baba G for putting recipes on the website.

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