LIFE OF CHA - HYDRATE - Whole Organic Hibiscus


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This sweet, tart flavor of our hibiscus flower tea is an exotic treat. Our vibrant hibiscus flower tea will definitely leave a mark on your taste buds—and your well-being! 


Hibiscus tea, also known as Roselle, has already made a name for itself. However, our very own infusion aims to provide our customers with a more substantial experience of the tea. Hydrate is a red hibiscus tea that provides a unique taste quite similar to cranberry. A single cup of this drinking tea can already provide you with so many health benefits. 

Our red Hibiscus tea originates from the Hibiscus flower, particularly from its calyces. There are plenty of Hibiscus species but the one that makes this drinking tea so special is the Hibiscus Sadariffa.

The Hydrate red Hibiscus tea can be drunk however you want to—you can drink it hot or turn it into a refreshing Hibiscus iced tea. Thanks to the Hibiscus flower tea, you have a perfect drinking tea for when you have visitors over or if you're just looking for a flavorful but healthy beverage. 

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