Homemade Tarhana Soup Powder (500gr)


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Tarhana Soup is one of the famous soups of traditional Turkish cuisine and is common in the Anatolia region of Turkey. Tarhana is the fermented mixture of plain yogurt, vegetables, yeast, and flour. This mixture is the main ingredient for this soup. We can consider Tarhana soup as the first-ever instant soup mix in the world.

To make this soup first we need to make the Tarhana powder. To make Tarhana, we need to ferment plain yogurt, flour, yeast, and chopped vegetable mix for about 5-6 days. After the fermentation process, the Tarhana mix divides into small portions and then dried and then crumbled to make Tarhana powder. This fermented Tarhana powder can last 1-2 years and it is considered the best soup for cold winter months.

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